5 Factors That Impact Appointment No-Show and Cancellation Rates

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As an experienced dental marketing agency, our team at Local Fresh understands just how difficult the summer can be for many private practice owners. Summers tend to feature more no-shows and have a higher appointment cancelation rate, according to a new study. The researchers involved in the study hope their work will help to create…

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Does Your Dental Practice Website Need to be ADA Compliant?

ADA compliance

Recently, one of the most talked about topics in dentistry has been website accessibility and what it means to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For those unaware of the issue, it all started when news that several dentists in Texas had received letters from an attorney alleging their websites failed to…

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Successful Tips For Boosting Patient Retention

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It takes a lot of time, energy, and money to successfully generate new patients. After all, every local dental practice requires a steady influx of new patients to help maintain and grow their patient base. But considering how important new patients are to the success of a practice, you’d think that most dentists would be…

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SEO Tips Every Dental Practice Needs to Know

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Search engine optimization (SEO) offers a quality investment opportunity for dental practices in need of a boost. Improved SEO leads to higher search ranking results that help you stand above the competition, enabling you to bring in more new patients to fill those empty slots in your schedule. However, staying up-to-date with the latest SEO…

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Take Charge of Becoming OHSA Compliant

OSHA guidelines

For small practices with limited staff, maintaining compliance with the rules and regulations placed on medical practices by state and federal agencies can seem daunting. One way for a practice to make sure it meets these requirements is by using a step-by-step methodology, such as with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) compliance. OHSA requires…

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Does HIPAA allow email communication with patients?

So, you’re a health care provider, asking yourself, “Does HIPAA allow me to use email to communicate with my patients?”  Well, the short answer is this: You can use email, but you need to be careful of what you send and who you send it to. The US Department of Health & Human Services has…

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10 Dental Marketing Strategies for the New Year

A good infographic is easy to read and comprehend without taking a lot of time. I love the one featured below regarding the 10 Dental Internet Marketing Strategies that produced results. After reviewing it in-depth, I am quite happy to say that we incorporate all of them for our dental – and non-dental – clients!…

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The Importance of Internet-Generated Leads for your Dental Practice

Marketing and advertising are essential for the survival of any dental practice. Many dentists are missing the opportunities to reach potential customers by leveraging their online presence. This presence can serve to attract and keep loyal patients, take advantage of lower marketing costs, and improve overall efficiency. The Value of an Online Presence There is…

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