Digital Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Can Afford

small business

Small businesses often find themselves at a disadvantage when trying to complete with larger regional or national competitors that have more well-established names and far bigger marketing budgets. Fortunately, technology continues to help level the playing field for small business owners looking to compete against their biggest competition. By establishing an effective digital presence, a…

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How Smartphones Influence Our Buying Decisions


When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, few fully appreciated just how significantly the release would change everything from how we communicate to how we shop. In less than a decade, mobile technology become permanently ingrained into basically every aspect of our daily lives. Today, people have become inseparable from their Galaxies and iPhones. We…

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The 3 Fundamentals Every Ecommerce Platform Needs


In case it wasn’t clear before, 2017 has definitively shown us the direction retail is heading towards in the future. Kmart, Sears, J.C. Penney, and Macy’s are just a few of the major chains that have announced dramatic reductions in their retail storefronts this year. Overall, retail closures have increased by 218 percent from 2016,…

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Successful Marketing Strategies for E-Commerce Businesses


Running a successful e-commerce business requires developing and implementing a marketing strategy that enables you to establish a brand that customers can easily recognize, identify with, and trust. Just because you don’t have a physical store location doesn’t mean that you can skip the basics when it comes to establishing customer loyalty in your brand.…

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