Five Misleading (or Downright Unethical) Marketing Scams

marketing scams

The number of online scams continues to grow on a yearly basis. In 2018, internet-enabled fraud led to an estimated $2.7 billion in financial losses. In 2019, the number of phishing attempts grew by 65 percent. In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission received over 2 million reports of fraud. Sometimes it’s easy to spot a…

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Redefining What a Customer Referral Means to Your Small Business

customer referral

When operating a small business, many small things can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Every successful customer interaction carries a certain value that begins to accumulate over time. If your business collects enough of this currency, it will hopefully lead to what every business strives to obtain – a customer referral. Referrals…

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4 Reasons Why You Should Always Follow-Up

sales strategy

In today’s age of digital marketing, social media promotion, and click-through rates, the actual art of person-to-person interaction has all but become a lost art. Despite the ways we now attract and interact with customers, sales strategy still remains an art built upon the foundation of personal trust and connection. Any good salesperson will tell…

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Tips For Improving Your Sales Process

sales funnel

Mastering the art of the deal isn’t simply about convincing potential customers to participate with your business, but about keeping them moving along the sales funnel until they reach and sign on the dotted line. Unfortunately, a lot small businesses lose sight of their final goal during this process and fail to convert too many…

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How To Reduce Cyber Monday Returns

Cyber Monday returns

While Black Friday remains the busiest day of the shopping year for brick-and-motor locations, Cyber Monday has become the online equivalent for digital retailers. With Cyber Monday just two weeks away, you need a well-thought-out plan for product returns in place.

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Leveraging Product Returns For Data

product returns

Cyber Monday means more online orders this holiday season and more product returns. While returns do result in lost revenue, tracking data on returned products offers tremendous insight that can actually make returns a great thing for a retailer.

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