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4 Tools To Improve Your Google+ Analysis

4 Tools To Improve Your Google+ Analysis

Curious how Google+ will help grow your business? Google+ actually offers quite a few ways to analyze the effectiveness of its content marketing for your brand. Lets explore four available tools that can help you master Google+ content strategy.

1) All My Statistics

Want to know who’s looking at you on Google+ and how your posts are being received? All My Statistics, a free service offered by Google, provides a helpful tool that allows users to better understand how their public content is received by examining:

  • total number of posts, +1s and shares
  • most popular posts
  • your shared content
  • comparisons between profiles

All My Statistics has an easy to use interface that allows you to navigate between clearly outlined facts and statistics in the Overview feature to viewing charts, popular posts, photos, recent posts and people all with a few clicks.

2) Simply Measured’s Google+ Reports Page

Another free and equally accessible service, Simply Measured utilizes information like rates of engagement, keywords, comments and top users to provide a report on your Google+ brand page.

To use the tool, enter the URL of the Google+ page you want reviewed and Simply Measured with generate a report with options to view keyword analysis, top commenters and engagement data.

One potential drawback of the free tools offered by Simply Measured is the inability to generate a report for Google+ pages with more than 100,00 circles (should you be so lucky!). However, Simply Measured does offer a free trial to their pay service where you can generate a report for larger pages.

3) Google+ Unofficial Suggested Users

This tool organizes your users for you; placing them into categories such as “women in tech,” “musicians,” “science,” etc. and then ranking each category by their level of influence. This tool is a great networking device for finding influencers you may want to add or to view your own influence ranking in your niche or industry. It also offers insight into how successful your Google+ content is, including what’s working and what needs to change.

4) CircleCount

On final free tool to mention, CircleCount allows users to keep track of followers. You can also use it to  identify patterns in your followers and your industry, and draw correlations in follower rates and content optimization.

And on that note…

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Google+ can be a valuable asset to successful marketing and networking. To reap these benefits, understanding the tools Google+ offers is critical. Using the these free tools gives you the flexibility to adapt and empowers you to grow a profile that has Google+ working for you.

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