And the Winner Is…

Aug 10, 2011

And the Winner Is…

Tiffany Home Design!

What did they win? Tiffany Home Design was awarded best decorating/staging for the 2011 Street of Affordable Homes.

Through the month of July, many visited the five homes on display in Tigard, Oregon. Owner and operator Brittainy Tiffany staged the Korum home, which was #3 on the tour.

I headed out on a beautiful afternoon in the middle of the month to check out her work. A longtime client of Verticalwerks, Tiffany Home Design has transformed living spaces into affordable luxury – I wanted to see what that looked like in person.

I wasn’t disappointed! And I was glad I brought my camera, since visiting the Tour of Affordable Homes allowed me to photograph her work to feature on her website through blog posts and showcase slide shows – a picture really does say a thousand words.

Upon leaving the 2011 Tour of Affordable Homes, each person had the opportunity to vote for their favorite aspects of the homes on display, including home staging and decorating. I filled out my own voting ticket and turned it in, crossing my fingers that it would be drawn out as the winner of the contest for a new barbecue grill.

Anyway, I haven’t heard anything about the contest, but did I vote for Tiffany Home Design and Brittainy Tiffany’s work? OF COURSE! You can check out a slideshow from the Korum home here on Tiffany Home Design’s website.

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