Ways That Small Businesses Can Give to Charities During the Holiday Season

Dec 3, 2013

Ways That Small Businesses Can Give to Charities During the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many businesses are focused on turning a profit rather than giving back to charities in their local communities. One thing to remember when giving back is the tax deduction that your company can claim next year, which helps to reduce the tax burden.

Giving back is a great way to boost the reputation of your company, but what is the best way to look into giving back? Here are some ways your company can give to charities this holiday season.

Seek Out Local Charities

If you would like to foster support for your local community, work with charities that are helping out others. Some companies partner with the American Red Cross while others will send money or donations to various law enforcement agencies that provide toys for kids.

Research the local charities in your area to find out how you can enhance your organization’s ability give back, while also gaining some local attention. Will the company use some type of marketing promotions to gain local attention for the charity? If they do not have any plans to really market the charity, look for a different one. You need to focus on gaining attention for the work you are doing to show your customers your company is doing more than trying to make money. Consider working with Agency Fusion to find out how you can market in a nice way that gets attention from your customers, while building a lot of support for the local charity that is helping others.

Start an Employee Volunteer Day

A great way to give back is to have your entire staff take a day to volunteer. Local soup kitchens are always in need of helping hands. Homeless shelters, senior care facilities, and abused women’s shelters are always in need of people to help serve others. Talk to these companies and find out when your staff can come down for a day of service. This is a great way to give back, and to boost camaraderie with your staff.

Collection Time

Before the holidays really start getting into full swing, start a collection tin at the front desk for a local charity or for a person in need. If you have a customer suffering from a serious illness, organize a collection for them to help pay for expensive medical bills. You can help out by donating money from the company, or donating product for the cause. Hosting an auction to earn money for the person in need is a great way to stay connected with your customers, and to give back this holiday season.

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