A Funny Facebook Look Back

Feb 10, 2014

A Funny Facebook Look Back

If you haven’t yet seen the Facebook video in the last week or so, it’s time. To celebrate Facebook’s 10th birthday, they made available this look back feature that creates a short video (about 1 minute in length) detailing some of your more significant moments on this social media outlet.

Paired with piano music that is airy, nostalgic and hopeful, the video plays out what are probably some of your best memories over the last few years (to see my Facebook movie, go here). It is, in a word or two, a genius move. I consider myself a pretty cynical person and still loved every second of it.

Part of the fun reality of Facebook is that, as Fred says during an episode of Portlandia, “Remember, nobody is having as much fun as they look like they’re having in their pictures.” It is in this spirit that Tripp and Tyler (of the conference call playing out in real life) created this Honest Facebook Look Back featured below.

Just in case you want to make your own Facebook Look Back, head here: https://facebook.com/lookback/

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