What is the Value of a Like?

social media marketing

Creating, cultivating, and conversing with a social media audience has become a vital part of doing business in 2017. In fact, social media marketing has grown to a point where 90 percent of marketers said that the platform plays an enormously important role in helping their business grow, according to the 2016 Social Media Marketing…

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Mastering the Art of Social Customer Care

social customer care

Customer service has always been and continues to be the bedrock on which every successful business builds its foundation. Superior customer service offers businesses a cost-effective means of standing out from the competition in what continues to become an increasingly competitive market. Conversely, exhibiting poor customer service is one of the easiest ways to not…

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Why Your Brand is Losing Social Media Followers

marketing for social media

Marketing for social media platforms offers small businesses a number of advantages when compared to more traditional forms of marketing. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow businesses to connect to their target audience by instantly responding to consumer comments, providing compelling content that generates interest, and by offering a unique look behind…

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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Marketing on Facebook

social marketing for small business

Our team at Local Fresh understands the important role of social marketing for small business, and how vital it is for every entrepreneur to have a successful marketing strategy in place immediately when launching your brand. You need to set a budget and try one marketing platform at a time to see if the return…

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Tips For Improving The Way You Market On Facebook


Since its launch over a decade ago, Facebook has dramatically changed how small businesses interact with their target audiences. Over 40 million companies now use Facebook to create business pages that engage, advertise and invite their target audience to events. This marks a huge departure from when the Yellow Pages and newspaper print ads ranked…

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Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Boosted Posts

With over 960 million active users per day, Facebook still dominates among the social media networks. That’s why it’s no surprise that marketers use it to advertise their companies. If you use the network, you’ve seen the advertisements – everything from Amazon to your local pizza joint. Facebook is a unique opportunity in that it…

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