Mobile Marketing to Nurture Customer Relationships

Aug 29, 2013

Mobile Marketing to Nurture Customer Relationships

Lifestyle marketing refers to the marketing efforts being made to existing customers. This form of marketing is often based on the status of the customer relationship. Every business in the current scenario is interested in nurturing leads and treating the customers in different manner. Communicating with the customers at the different level may look different at the different stages.

When it comes to maintaining relations with customers, we know it’s all about facing the challenging and exploring the various facets of the game. Here are some of the best tactics that can help you in staying connected with all your customer groups so that the communication modes or channels can also lead to generation and maintenance of customer love.

Text Reminders

Businesses that are keen on keeping their brand on top of the mind of their customers can seek to do the needful by sending out the reminders through text. Through text reminders, tell them about any special promotion that you have recently started running. They can also have access to the information regarding the new product updates.

Surveys and Polls

Polls and the surveys can help you generate quick responses from your huge customer base. Sending out polls to them and encouraging them to respond at the earliest by making use of their mobile phones makes sense. These polls and surveys will not just help you to know their taste and preferences better but they would also make customers feel motivated and appreciated when asked for an opinion or feedback. This would further help you in maintaining relations by building rapport and inviting loyalty for your service or brand.


People love getting little accolades and when you offer them chance to help them win something of huge value to them, they are likely to be more excited to become a part of your brand or story. They may also go on sharing your story on the social media channels and it does earn you a good deal of recognition.

Social Integration and Networking

It is easier to integrate your mobile campaign with plenty of major social networks and this would rather encourage your customers to come forward and discuss more about their experiences with your brand. The good thing is that they may also recommend your service or brand to people around and you will gradually see more and more people checking out on your store. You can also expect your contact info to be passed along. You can also check complete advantage of this by making things easy for them so that they can tweet, share and post in or about your community.

Membership and Loyalty Programs

Once you have attracted prospects to your brand or service it becomes important to give them more reasons to keep coming back for more. You can choose to offer them valuable promotion, loyalty and membership programs. This would help them in becoming a repeat customer. You can also enjoy the additional benefit at the hands of your customers who may refer your brand or service to others. Your campaign links will also be passed to others through social networking websites.

You can also proceed with membership and loyalty programmes a step ahead by offering your prospects a brighter chance to enter your exclusive and valuable insider group. When they enter your inner most circle, they also become one of the loyal and the most active advocates of your brand. Make sure that you also save some of the best and the most beneficial promotions for these groups of people so that they have enough reasons to keep coming back for more.

It is possible to record your mobile ROI by actually measuring the impact of mobile marketing tips on your brand and on your customers. Businesses must keep a track of the number of people that finally respond to their messages and how much time they actually spend on a particular brand or service. This would make it easy for you to finally determine your mobile ROI. If you are keen on generating a good demographic understanding of your customer base, you must choose to track more detailed information. All these efforts are also going to help you in fine tuning all your future campaigns and getting the best out of each of them.

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