Five Misleading (or Downright Unethical) Marketing Scams

marketing scams

The number of online scams continues to grow on a yearly basis. In 2018, internet-enabled fraud led to an estimated $2.7 billion in financial losses. In 2019, the number of phishing attempts grew by 65 percent. In 2020, the Federal Trade Commission received over 2 million reports of fraud. Sometimes it’s easy to spot a…

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In Google Searches, Zero is Better Than No. 1

small business marketing

If your small business marketing strategy includes developing web content that strives to rank at the top of search-engine results pages (SERPs), you’re probably working under the idea that reaching the number 1 position means your job is over. However, you need to start thinking about how to rank above number 1. In fact, counter…

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How Has Google’s “Possum” Update Impacted Your Local Search Results?

local seo

On September 1st, Google quietly made another update to the Internet giant’s secretive search algorithm. Unlike previous “Panda”, “Pigeon” and “Pirate” updates that have been accompanied by press releases and statements touting improved functionality and user friendliness, the early September update happened with no announcement, fanfare or even being given a name. However, the local…

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Four Signs Why You Need to Hire Local Fresh

Understanding when the time has come to outsource aspects of your business is an important part of building and running a successful business. When it comes to the marketing side of your business, here are a few signs the time has come to hire Local Fresh to help achieve your goals as an entrepreneur.

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Why You Need Video Marketing For Your Small Business

It’s 2015, which means it’s time to revamp your marketing strategies for the new year. Trends show that 2015 is the year for video marketing and it’s time for your small business to take a leap into this world of captivating your audience through videos. Why is video marketing important?   Many studies have shown…

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10 Dental Marketing Strategies for the New Year

A good infographic is easy to read and comprehend without taking a lot of time. I love the one featured below regarding the 10 Dental Internet Marketing Strategies that produced results. After reviewing it in-depth, I am quite happy to say that we incorporate all of them for our dental – and non-dental – clients!…

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How many domains should my small business register?

We get this question a lot from clients; should I buy more domains for my small business? If I buy and and a few others will that help me get more new customers or patients? We’ve seen some interesting, complex multiple domain marketing strategies over the years, but very few that actually move…

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