Why Your Business Needs a New Website in 2015

Mar 26, 2015

Why Your Business Needs a New Website in 2015

Websites are continually changing and trends transform rapidly. If your business hasn’t changed its web design in over three years, you’re at risk of seeming outdated. Lucky for you, Local Fresh is here with a guide on when to update your website and hot web design trends for 2015!

Does my business need a new website?

    • Age: When is the last time you updated your website? Both website design and technology move fast. If your website is over three years old, it’s time for an upgraded look and feel.
    • Mobile: Is your website mobile responsive? With 58% of American adults owning a smartphone and 42% owning a tablet, it’s vital for businesses to make their websites compatible with both mobile and tablet devices. In fact, Google has recently announced that its search algorithm will begin factoring a website’s mobile compatibility when determining where to rank sites in organic search results. If your business’ website isn’t mobile compatible, you’ll start falling behind the competition in more ways than one.
    • Information: Is the information on your website up-to-date? Do you have the ability to change it? If an old employee set your website up and you have no idea how to change anything, it’s time for a new website. If people notice that the last time you updated your website was four years ago, they may think that your business is no longer in operation.
    • Competitors: Do you like the competitions’ websites better? It’s never good sign to suffer from website envy. If  you find your website unexciting, imagine what potential customers must think when arriving at your homepage. A bland, unresponsive design may be all it takes to prevent a customer from staying on your website long enough to make a sale.


OK, you’ve convinced me – it’s time to update my website. But what are the current trends?

Seattle Space Needle

    • Compelling storytelling: Some of the most successful businesses utilize their website to highlight a story. Visitors to the Seattle Space Needle website can climb up the tower, and the guests of this wedding can walk through the bride and groom’s relationship history. Stories are a great way to show off why your business is unique and different when compared to other businesses.

New Wave Company

Parallax Themes

    • Parallax scrolling: While not a new fade, Parallax website templates are still very popular among businesses. While there are many different types of parallax scrolling, the main concept is to use scrolling to add interactivity and movement to the website. To make the effect easy to implement, many developers have designed custom WordPress themes that incorporate parallax effects.


    • Clean and crisp: To create a simple yet dynamic website, designers often use styles from flat design to vibrant coloring. Simple doesn’t mean boring – in most cases, it can effectively highlight the main call-to-action or showcase their product.

In many cases, a customer’s first impression of your business comes from their interaction with your website. Your business’ website is your opportunity to outshine competitors and convince users to invest in your business. Take a look at your website today and examine if your business needs a boost!