Avoiding Common Mistakes When Creating Video Content

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You don’t need to be an amateur director or even a film buff to appreciate the rising importance of video content when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign. A recent survey found that 9 out of 10 marketers now place an importance on video content, and more than 67 percent said they planned…

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Website Design with Your Brand in Mind

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Successfully developing and launching a brand requires understanding the essence of your product, what you stand for as a business, and what your target audience will best respond to. When your business solely exists online, your website becomes the only portal potential customers have to gain insight into your brand. This makes selecting the right…

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Tips For Improving Your Small Business Blog

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Even today, the term “blogger” generates its share of derision. After all, pretty much everyone has a blog, and reading about your mom’s first trip to Rome may not carry the same emotional impact as, say, Eat, Pray, Love, despite the clear inspiration the book may have provided. Despite the idea of blogging being almost cliché, a…

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Tips For Improving The Way You Market On Facebook


Since its launch over a decade ago, Facebook has dramatically changed how small businesses interact with their target audiences. Over 40 million companies now use Facebook to create business pages that engage, advertise and invite their target audience to events. This marks a huge departure from when the Yellow Pages and newspaper print ads ranked…

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How To Maximize Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

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In today’s technology driven environment, people have become more widely connected that ever before. Intelligent marketing has therefore become more about delivering truly human experience to your target audience rather than just creating a brand message. Small business owners who have tapped into this aspect of marketing are the ones with the access to the most influential form of information consumers utilize when making buying decisions: word-of-mouth marketing.

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Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Boosted Posts

With over 960 million active users per day, Facebook still dominates among the social media networks. That’s why it’s no surprise that marketers use it to advertise their companies. If you use the network, you’ve seen the advertisements – everything from Amazon to your local pizza joint. Facebook is a unique opportunity in that it…

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