7 Creative Ways To Make A Buzz Online

Nov 14, 2013

7 Creative Ways To Make A Buzz Online

What is online buzz? It’s when news about a product or service launch keeps humming throughout the far-flung corners of the online world. For businesses generating an online buzz is one lifeline that could spell success or failure.

If you are planning to launch a business or perhaps offer a brand new product, generating online buzz is your breaking point. It’s an elusive time. It’s like a hot rod of opportunity that you have to strike before it cools off.

Not too many internet marketer grabs that chance, unless of course you’re a giant brand, like Apple. But that doesn’t mean you should try to boost your online buzz, right? Here are some easy, practical and effective ways of how to generate and sustain buzz in your target market.

Tweet a Great Offer

It’s not all about tweeting a great content. There should also be value with every tweet you make. Ask yourself, why would my followers care about re-tweeting my posts? Perhaps, your tweet should be something that inspires, something that would make them feel good.

Why not tweet about a great offer? Try what a British company named Graze did. According to Kevin Gibbons of Search Engine Watch, the company offered discounts to anyone who re-tweets their posts, while those who sign up gets free snack boxes. Because your follower knows they’re a winner if they promote your business, so they’ll voluntary spread good words about your business!

Go Guest Posting

Why not ask a blogger in your industry if he’ll let you guest post on his page? You can write an informative article. However, never pitch and see to it that your content is loaded with enough information and a little bit of creativity to give readers the reason to like and share what you’ve posted. If you’re confident about your product or service and if you know it offers value for money to the consumers, why not ask high profile bloggers to review your product? Give away samples and enjoy the good words that they have to say.

Tell a Unique Story

Everyone has been sharing posts, pictures and videos on social media. While it’s good to be ever-present on Facebook and Twitter, the downside is, you risk your brand on being labeled as promotional and spammy. If you really want to make a buzz online, why not write a unique story? One that’s genuine and heart-felt. One that will make readers feel that you care about them and the community.

Market Less, Discuss More

In his book Going Social, Jeremy Goldman explains that in generating buzz online, it’s more about considering the social components and less about the marketing, thus, social marketing. Conversations and collaborations are two important things. So rather than talking about your company and whatever products you’re offering, why not share industry trends and other interesting stuffs, instead?

Discuss ideas and you’ll eventually engage people. That will help you establish your credibility as an authority in your field or niche market. So the next time you talk about what you have to offer, you can expect that customers will more likely pay attention to what you have to say!

Strategy First, Tools Second

Goldman also explains that before getting into the specifics of the tools and platforms make sure to have a clear cut strategy that will work well for your business. As social marketing platforms keep sprouting up all the time, they can’t nevertheless transform businesses simply by existing! If you really want these tools to transform your business, make sure you have a feasible strategy. Also, see to it that your market has a consistent online audience ready for this type of technology.

Master Your Audience

Tailor your strategies and the tools and programs you use for your audience. That’s why it’s a must that you totally figure out who your audience are. Put this ahead of determining strategic objectives because knowing your audience should help you determine what objectives should be. According to Mark Nebesky, cofounder and director of Marketing and Business Development of Goozex, a popular video game and movie trading community, “The basis for social marketing is a clear understanding of who your customers are, the experience you deliver to them, and why they choose to associate with you.” So how do you socialize with these people? Know them very well–their likes, dislikes, income, preferences, age, where they live, civil status–everything about them!

Don’t Forget the Magic of Email Marketing!

Gibbons explains that if you have hundreds or thousands of customers already and you think they check their emails at least once a day, it makes sense to regularly send them a newsletter to tell them about the latest trends in the industry, discounts, promos, and the latest products you’re launching! To make your email marketing work even better, send them discount coupons and ask them to share these coupons with friends and relatives! That will encourage them even more to love—and patronize-your products.

About the Author: side from being a caterer and event planner, Manilyn Moreno also spearheads the online marketing campaign of a catering software company. She also contributes contents to various websites.